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Relish caters to the demands and requirements of the Information Technology sector. We endeavour to provide highly suitable candidates to our clients. We undertake to search for candidates at three levels. We undertake database, advertisement and headhunt searches. Irrespective of the results of the other searches we will always do a headhunt search in order to find the right candidate.

This process involves a comprehensive study of target organizations, identifying known performers and proposing that they submit their application for consideration.

Permanent employees are a company's most valuable asset

Relish Resources is a young, energetic and entrepreneurial team, able to help you with appointments at all levels. We also offer you special expertise in recruiting skills that move across all sectors and disciplines.

Relish Permanent Recruitment (RPR) is our search service team engaged in recruitment of professional hires. Our recruiters have access to a large network of specialized professionals in Sales & Marketing, Finance, Engineering, HR, Telecom, IT & ITeS, and Senior positions.

Relish has the ability to handle the recruitment of large numbers of personnel for organizations through its centralized database, head hunting and advertisements.

Solutions that really are permanent - You'll get the right people because we know where to find them, how to convince them - and how to match them to your business needs and culture so that they become a long term assets for the organization.

By using Relish permanent recruitment know-how you can save time and cost, guarantee you employ the right people - who are the most valuable assets for any organization

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